We are passionate and experienced French teachers, working together to develop a nice and welcoming place for kids and adults, with small classes only, using the best methods to provide all students the optimal conditions for an efficient and enjoyable learning!


Emmanuel comes from the western region of France, and has lived near Nantes, Rennes and Rouen when young. He has then studied Biology up to Master level in Marseille and Norwich (UK), and then married and moved to Hong Kong at the time of the handover in 1997.


He has worked at the French International School in Hong Kong for more than 20 years and has seen many children grow and graduate. Emmanuel has two daughters and loves playing football (soccer).


When he has time, he bakes bread and desserts and enjoys eating French food and drinking (a bit of) French wine. He is patient and empathetic and likes to share French words and expressions whenever he meets his local and foreign friends and colleagues.


Damien was born and grew up in a town close to Paris and lived in ‘La Ville Lumière’ for more than 10 years, so he is very familiar with the famous places to visit and the restaurants to go, but also some beautiful places to see that are not in the tourism guides. Paris is not the only city he knows. He has traveled all around the country and will be happy to share his knowledge of different areas, food and culture of his home country.


Graduated with a bachelor in History, Damien has long been enthusiastic about this subject and is very knowledgeable about the history of France and Paris. He uses his knowledge in his classes to explain some historical points and French uses, which are very helpful to understand this language.  


Damien is also passionate about cinema and has worked in this industry for 8 years before moving to Hong Kong. If you are interested, ask him some anecdotes about life on set, he has lots to tell.

With more than six years’ experience teaching French as foreign language in Hong Kong to children and adults, Damien is fluent in English. He can easily explain French grammar rules, translate and explain vocabulary and tell stories about French history, culture and language to children and adults. He has guided his students from being non-French speakers to participating in French speech and drama competitions, and DELF examinations.


Damien is enthusiastic about passing on his love of French to his students. He enjoys using games, songs and story telling to turn learning into a fun experience. 



FrenchTouch.hk was founded by Remi, a native of Lyon, in 2011.


Remi has established FrenchTouch.hk to provide a welcoming place for Hong Kong kids and adults to learn French in a comfortable setting that, he believes, would be most conducive to learning: small classes where students have plenty of occasions to participate, practice speaking and ask questions.


Although Remi has left FrenchTouch.hk at the end of January 2021, his legacy and spirit will be carried on by dedicated teachers.